Invest in your relationships or someone else will!

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Extensive (done for you) database clean up

We gather and organize all your existing contacts from a variety of sources and put them into useable buckets, then we engage them for you.

Custom voicemail, email, and texting campaigns

After we clean your database we create custom voicemail and texting campaigns and send them to your clients on autopilot. Be prepared for a ton of callbacks!

Personalized hand written thank you cards

We create and send customized hand written cards to your customers to say thank-you, wish them a happy birthday, and keep you top of mind. They won’t know you didn’t actually write them yourself, they are that good! 

Get a dedicated account rep to help you manage your new clients

You’ll have a dedicated account rep to help you with your campaigns and stay on top of your daily tasks. It’s like a virtual concierge for running your business.

We will promote your next live event for you

Managing live events is hard enough, we make it easier and help you fill seats by creating marketing campaigns to promote it for you.

We will send your clients personalized gifts 

Everybody loves to receive gifts and it’s a great way to open doors with new contacts. We will automate the gift giving process for you, making it super easy to send a personalized gift to your clients.

Invest in your relationships before someone else does!

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How Susan Heller partnered with Driven to grow her business.

Susan Heller

Remax Action

Industry: Real Estate

“They’re incredible. Brilliant. Through the last two years it’s been my number source. In one fell swoop I can reach 60,000 people, then my phone starts ringing. It gets people raising their hands that you can call them back. I can personally only make a certain number of outgoing calls, but when my phone is coming back to me with texts and emails and phone calls, that’s beautiful!



I have gotten at least one deal per month since I started. I have also had warmer and friendlier conversations with my current database. You guys are so helpful. Thank you!!!

Melinda Potts


Potts Realty Inc.

“Driven Relationships is packed with all the tools I needed. The fact that I can access customized marketing platform and watch it working in real time is more than I imagined.”

Peter Frechette

Sales Team

ADT Phoenix

I really appreciate the love that we’re sharing with our clients because we’re definitely seeing it in our business. We’re getting a lot more referrals than we’ve gotten in the past.”

Greg Taylor


Compass Real Estate

“Driven marketing was there to help get it all organized and run the event seamlessly. Never again will I do an event without their help and highly recommend them.”

Stephanie Hendrick

Production Manager

Hendrick Team

“I was able to connect with 10 new clients and 9 new loans in just one week. The Driven platform is very helpful.”

Chris Davis

Sr. Loan Officer

Barret Financial Group

“Just want to give huge shout out to Driven Coaching. We got 97 responses and 5 prospects from the last message that you guys sent out last week.”

Emery Payne 

Loan Officer

Austin Bates Team – VIP Mortgage

I had a client contact me about two weeks ago, She said “The only reason why I stayed with you is because you constantly contact me”, so obviously the system works.

Sam Azares 

Sr. Loan Officer

VIP Mortgage

“Driven has been unbelievable. Not only a great organizer for my database. We collaborate together, organize together and we execute together.”

John Lopez


Greater Albuquerque Association President

I’ve seen a lot of our loan officers grow from 4-5 loans a month to 10-15 loans a month bec5ause we are working much harder on our data bases. That’s a lot of business there.”

Jim Kaiser 

National Sales Manager

VIP Mortgage

“I just want to thank Driven Marketing for helping Palm Valley Oral Surgery. They took our reviews from 3 that we have on google up to over 76 in over a couple of months.”

Christine Montgomery

Practice Relations Director

Palm Valley Oral Surgery

“I would have never been able to organize my data base in the way that you have Kevin, thanks for all your help.”

Danielle Vargo 

Sr. Loan Officer

VIP Mortgage

My phone blew up! I couldn’t have done that on my own, I couldn’t have that many calls or that many emails and he made it happen. And it was amazing! I couldn’t believe it!

Tim Nelson 

Reverse Mortgage Professional

VIP Mortgage

The amount of touches I have been able to do to past customers in just the last 90 days is more than I’ve done in the last 10 years.

Rob Purvis 

Sr. Loan Officer

VIP Mortgage Inc.

“I want to give the Driven Marketing team a high five for helping me leverage my time. They are helping me set up technology and campaigns.”

Shawn Camacho


United Brokers Group

Kevin’s given me the ability to do automated marketing. I found myself busier at this time of the year, and Kevin is a contributing factor.

Buzz Dempsey 

Sr. Loan Officer

Fairway Mortgage 

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