Are you staying in front of your Database?

We do it for you… 

Maximize your existing network


Hire us to stay in front of your database for you!

Loan Officer Breakdown

Get Your data organized and usable

Extensive database cleanup (up to 4,000 contacts)

Data mining

Data collection and clean up

We Use the right tools to wake up your database

Text messages


Voice messages

HandWritten Cards (up to 60 cards per month)

Post cards (up to 50 per month)

Facebook Messenger

Customer Reviews

Videos (one to one videos)

Robust Driven Platform

Mobile app

Custom Follow Up Campaigns

Closing campaign

Re engage past buyers

Thanks your referrals campaigns

Plus many more

Let us Fill the seats for your next event

Event promotion (1 event per month)

We will send out invitations

Reminders before event

Follow up after event

Gifting (Personalized Gifts)

Personal Dedicated Marketing Concierge (This is what makes all the magic happen)

This is what makes everything happen

Will keep you and your business accountable

MONTHLY WEBINAR MASTERMIND (exclusive for Driven Clients)

Join or tribe of top Realtors and Loan officers across the nation



The amount of touches I have been able to do to past customers in just the last 90 days is more than I’ve done in the last 10 years.

Rob Purvis 

Sr. Loan Officer

VIP Mortgage Inc.

“I just want to thank Driven Marketing for helping  Palm Valley Oral Surgery. They took our reviews from 3 that we have on google up to over 76 in over a couple of months.”

Christine Montgomery 

Palm Valley Oral Surgery 

Kevin’s given me the ability to do automated marketing. I found myself busier at this time of the year, and Kevin is a contributing factor.

Buzz Dempsey 

Sr. Loan Officer

VIP Mortgage Inc.